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Best vacations for mom

Mom: She does it all for the family. That’s been even more than usual over the last 14 months. She could use a vacation, and you can be the one to give it to her. No matter her travel style or what she could use right now — a getaway with the whole family or getting away from everything including the family — we have the trip for her. Peruse these trips and see what’s best for the lady who keeps it all together in your household. Then contact your travel advisor to book or give the gift of travel for a future vacation.

Sometimes mom just needs a break from it all. That need has probably never been more pronounced as it is right now. Solo travel can be just the thing she needs to recharge and come back refreshed. Expedition and adventure travel are particularly great for solo travelers. There’s nothing like going to the ends of the earth far from the nearest town to get away from it all. Your travel advisor can often find a special departure for the journey mom wants that has a waived single supplement. There are even tours that specialize in solo female travelers. Often, women make friends with like-minded adventurers and they plan their next “solo” trip as a group.


Maybe mom wants to venture out on her but doesn’t have time to go to the more remote areas of the world. A long weekend at a wellness resort complete with spa treatments, room service and sleeping in can do the trick. A spa getaway is also great for a mother-daughter outing, whether it’s mom and young children and or adult children and their mothers. There’s nothing like focusing on you and forgetting your troubles for a while. And even if you can’t be far from civilization, there’s plenty of open space and a nice hiking trail.


Everybody’s all in one place, a mobile hotel that takes you to a different land almost every day. There’s plenty onboard to keep the kids entertained. There are shows and events for the whole family. There’s a great variety of culinary experiences. There are excellent shore excursion options that help you go deep into each destination. Cruise lines have worked extremely hard to ensure safety once sailings resume. Whether it’s a large ship with its own water slides and surf simulators or a yacht with movies on deck and sleeping under the stars, a cruise is one thing mom loves: convenient.

Family and multigenerational travel

Even if you’ve all been stuck at home together there’s something different about being all together somewhere else. You’re experiencing new things and going on adventures together, broadening your horizons and forging deeper family bonds. Maybe you haven’t been able to get together with the grandparents throughout the pandemic and now’s the time to get the whole gang back together. There are plenty of trips that are great for any age. Beaches, theme parks and especially safaris come to mind. This year, get mom whatever type of trip she wants. She’s certainly earned it.


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